Whether the issues are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or any combination of these, my clients and I form a partnership for their healing. I teach them about the dynamics of the issues they’re experiencing. Together we create a self-care plan to use in between sessions. For massage clients, I teach new ways of lifting, moving, visualization, and self-massage, as well as healthier ways of perceiving their bodies.

In psychotherapy sessions, I help people to experience the various aspects themselves with greater awareness. This can bring surprising insight and reveal a path for change. I show them skills they can practice at home to bring increasing relaxation and peace into their lives. Gradually I work to help them form a new blueprint of health within themselves through their practice of healthier self-talk, self-perception, attitudes, relaxation, and behavior. I am results-oriented and like to work with an empathetic, respectful, and down-to-earth attitude. As long as it serves clients well, their goal becomes my goal. Working with people is something I’ve done all of my life and is an honor.

Traditional Psychotherapy / Counseling

I use this term broadly to mean that this therapy occurs primarily through our talking together. It is the form that people are most familiar with. For those who would like this mode of therapy, it stands on its own merit and can be very effective. A person is free to use this form one session and if desired, try the Holistic Energy Psychotherapy the next. There’s always flexibility.

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Holistic Energy Psychotherapy

Here Energy Healing and Massage Therapy are paired with Traditional Talk Psychotherapy. Used together, they attend to your mind and emotions through your whole being. There is time to talk together and process issues which are then tended to as they are expressed and felt in energy field which includes your body. It provides many ways to help a person and perhaps a more direct approach for resolving your issues.

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Energy Healing

Energy Healing is also known as Energy Therapy, Energy Work or Energy Medicine. It is a way of treating a person through his or her energy field [aura]. Since our energy field relates to each and every aspect of our body and being, the results of this treatment cover a wide spectrum. It may be used for its healing effect on the body, mind, emotion or spirit. In my perception, once a change occurs in any one of these, the others are also positively affected even if it’s in a subtle way.

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is known for its ability to stimulate functioning and healing in literally each of our body systems. For example it can stimulate our circulation or calm our nervous system. This helps with stress or burnout and provides what many feel is one of the most pleasant ways to become more relaxed. The results are cumulative. I often follow the form of Swedish massage. However a person may also ask for Integrative Massage in which massage is blended with energy work and other touch therapies. This combination gives me many more ways to address issues of pain, tightness, dysfunction or even emotional tension.

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